Monday, March 19, 2018

still here

Much has happened since my last post.  And speaking of "post", the 2 or 4 people who actually used to stop by here, you'll notice all my posts are gone.  There's a reason, that I just can't go into today.  A lot has happened as I said and I'll keep it brief:

The Short Version:

The drain tube has stopped functioning, and I have not had a successful drain since 22 Feb.  I am also in the middle of a darn good lung flare, wherein both are hurting.  Most especially the right one that has the tube in it, of course.  The prednisone taper came to a halt, and I am now up to 25mgs every 24 hours just to stay on top of it, and may make an appointment for Friday with GP...just in case.  Tube doctors keeps saying "...its normal keep trying once a week..."  *shake my head*, more to say on that another day.

Had appointment with pulmonologist last week, which ended up being a complete joke, and I'm searching for a new one.  Much to say on that when/if I come back.  Running fever every day, and some day's its very stubborn and just will...not....stop.  Not high, never over 100, but just enough to make one feel like sh*t.  And the "sick" is coming back too.  *sigh* one listens.

Pollen counts are through the stratosphere.