Monday, January 23, 2017

Fever Update - Just As I Suspected

So I decided to do a little "test".  As stated in my last post, I had started running a low-grade fever everyday, sometimes twice a day.  The highest it got was almost 102, but generally just 99 to 101 usually somewhere inbetween, just enough to make me feel like total crap.  And I remember last year when this started happening.  It happened when I tried to tapper off the prednisone.  That was the last time I tried to get off it, and just accepted it as "part of life now".  So I did a little test.

I've been doing very well (after the flare) with taking one 10mg tab every 12 hours.  And its been working really well.  So when I started the low fevers two weeks ago, after nearly a week of keeping up with it, I decided to see what happened if I backed it down from every 12 hours to every 10 hours.  Whaddayaknow?  The fever stopped.  Just as I suspected.  My monster is craving more prednisone.  My monster is a prednisone junkie now.  Its like this "Little Shop Of Horrors" inside my body.

And I can't even begin to tell you how much *better* I feel.  My eyes are almost swollen shut, and my cheeks are so puffed out my lips are almost gone, but I feel better.  God......I hate prednisone.  But thank You for it.  What a Catch-22 situation.  Wonder how long this will last.  Wonder how long it will be before this is not enough either.  Well, I can't think about that now.  Things to do things to do.

So many projects, so little time.  SO much yarn, how will I ever use it all before I croak?  Hundreds of patterns and pattern books, many out of print.  One I have is out of print, and I saw it on Amazon for over $1,000!  A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!  What a rip-off.  I tried having a give-away one time, but got no response, so I guess I'll just leave the Mr. to deal with them all when I'm gone.   Sorry, Doris Chan, I really thought they'd beat down my door for yours, but I was wrong on that (especially since one is on amazon for a thousand dollars, and mine was free).  I have pristine copies of Every Day Crochet and Amazing Lace Crochet, both I believe are out of print.  Nobody wanted them.  I think I'll maybe get in touch with someone at the local womens shelter and see if they'd be interested.  I have several years worth of subscriptions to "Crochet!", "Crochet Today", and many others.  A dresser full.  Meh....anyway.

So the fever is under control, and I'm feeling better.  The lungs are trashed and getting worse, but I already knew that would happen.  Slow but steady.  have a great day.

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