Friday, February 24, 2017

Checking In Checking up

I think I've gained weight.  Remember I had to up the prednisone over a month ago.  I don't think its much, maybe just a few pounds, but its all in the belly, as usual.  **sigh**  Well anyway -

Remember the post wherein I declared all the paperwork was done and ready to submit?  Well....I submitted Tuesday.  I haven't told the bosses yet.  They've been away this week, and I'd really like to tell them at the same time, but.  There are other mitigating circumstances too that say I probably *should* tell boss 2 because he's back today, and there have arisen circumstances in the list of applicants that I can't go into.  But this bit of information of my submitting is something they need to know.  I had, or rather *almost* had, a prednisone moment on some @sshole up here who really really needed it.  He disrespected my boss, he disrespected me.  And any way, it was a good thing my go-home time came before he came out of the bosses office because I was loaded for bear and ready to let him have it.  But I went home instead.  And glad I did.  While I sat there, though, waiting for them to come out, I got so worked up, so mad, my chest started to hurt, my heart rate went up, and for sure my blood pressure was probably though the roof.  I went home and vented to the Mr. and got to thinking.....I can't allow myself to get this emotionally involved.  Before prednisone, that would not have happened.  I'd have made a "joke" out of it with him in a nice way, while getting my point across.  That's when I was time.  No more waiting.  Time to just do it.  So I did.

We are enjoying Rocu.  Its really very cool watching youtube on my big screen instead of my phone, or Kindle.  I love Netflix.  Next thing on the list of "things to sort out before I retire" is a new phone plan.  I've had a work phone since 2002.  The boss who was in here at that time, like to be able to get to all times.  He was the type that would shoot out emails at 4:00am Sunday morning.  So I've had a black berry for years.  That will go away. So I've been sort of looking at different plans and rates.  I text more than I talk, so I'd like unlimited on that.  I really don't want to be bothered with AT&T, no one there speaks English.  And as I recall, last time I had them, the bill was never what they said.  Pre-paid-pay-as-you-go it just so much more expensive.  I dunno.  But still, something I need to get on pretty soon.

Feeling ok.  Pain in the chest, eh.  Some days, not so bad, some days it hurts all day long.  I don't know how much longer the Norco 7.5 is going to work.  I'm already up to 4 Tylenol in a 24 hour time frame, to back up the Norco.  My 9-month-pregnant-looking-belly has taken on a life of its own.  Its an appendage.  Lately, my feet ankles and legs are really swollen by the time I get home.  don't know what that's all about.  At the moment, the worst thing I'm dealing with is the leg cramps at night, a side effect of the prednisone.  My calves are always sore from the nightly battle.  Every night.  No break.  But hey, if that's the worst thing I have to deal with, then its all right.  Its all good.

Since I can no longer sleep in a real bed, and I was desperate to move out of the living room recliner (did I mention this already?), I took part of my bonus and bought myself a new recliner, cleaned out and cleaned up my yarn room, fixed it up real girlie, bought some new curtains, and now I have my own bedroom.  :)  I haven't had my own bedroom in 30 years.  Its kind of cool.  In a way.  Its memory foam, very cushy and comfy.  In a lovely chocolate brown cord.  Its not nearly as big as the one in the living room, but its a lot more comfy and closer to the bathroom.  win win.  I also got new shoes :0)  I miss sleeping in a real bed.  But it could be worse.  Its ok.  But I still miss it.

I think b-girl is coming over this weekend.  I dunno.  She's stood me up several weeks now.  Actually, she's stayed with us once since Christmas.  And she used to come every weekend.  I guess Meme's house is getting boring.  But anyway.  Its the weekend, thank God.  I need a rest.  Going early tomorrow for an oil change.  C-Ya later

Friday, February 17, 2017

Binge Watch

I binge watched Keeping Up Appearances last night.  I love British comedy.  But the point is that I binge watched.  Netflix.  Oh you are my new bff!  The Mr. has been kind of hooked on this tv show called "Portlandia", and he was watching in his room and I was in the living room, and he yelled out at me, "remember when we got our first computer with internet?  how we were up for days playing on it?  Well, this could be all night.  I have no idea when I'll sleep again."   LOL!!!

After the second and last chicklet left the coop almost 4 years ago now, I got to adopt the tv in the living room, so now the Mr. and I have our own tv's.  It just works well that way because we have a vast difference in our tastes in tv shows.  He likes to watch things I'd never stop and watch, and vice-versa.  I'm Masterpiece Theater, he's Cops and The Fast And Furious type.

Its Friday!  Except for the afternoons when I have been exceptionally tired from all the running around I've done this week, I have had a pretty good week.  I've felt pretty good.  I hope its not the calm-before-the-flare, but lets not borrow trouble.  Sufficient unto the day and all that.  I'm thinking about going ahead and getting an appointment in place down the road about 3 weeks.  I figure by that time, the spring pollen flare will be picking  up speed.  I'm so hoping this will be an easy one.  I'm praying.

I'm thinking about heading out tomorrow to an LYS.  Like I need yarn.  But I'd just spend the money on something else anyway. so......

Ya'll have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Lots of action happening at the SoRA house this week.  Finally (!!) got Hughesnet dumped, got the new net work up and running.  ohmygosh ya'll.  It is SO MUCH BETTER than what we had.  Faster, better, and we can actually watch more than 4 video's before we run out of our daily allotment (yes, Hughesnet doles out your usage to you like your 12.  One of the big reasons we dumped them.  Lots of money for very little service).

As we speak, the Mr. is setting up our Rocu and Netflix.  Yes, we're late to the game ok.  We were teens and young adults in the 80's.  A Walkman was high tech for us.  But better late than never.  I'm putting you on notice Directv.  You are OUT of here.  I told you last year if you went up on my bill again, and I get nothing for the extra cost, again, that our relationship would be over.  Out of the 170 channels we get, 50 are home shopping, 30 radio stations, and so so very much garbage tv (man MTV hit the skids since it was really about music video's when we were teens.  WTF happened to MTV?  What sewage coming out of there now.).  The Mr. and I counted, out of all the channels we get, between the two of us, not counting local channels for news, we actually can watch about 12 channels.  For $84 a month.  Can you say "rip off".  And believe me, Directv doesn't pay for Anything.  They will nickel and dime you to the poor house.  Not only do you pay an exhorbitant monthly service, you have to rent the equipment, and if something  happens to THEIR equipment, they will charge YOU to come out and fix THEIR equipment...that you are renting, that they own.  What a deal for them!  Bu-bye now!

I got my bonus :)  And we've been making all these changes, cutting our monthly expenses to minimum in preparation for my leaving work for good.

Speaking of....personnel finally got us an applicant packet with resume's.  So I think next week, we will probably begin to interview.  Won't be long now.  I spoke with my HR rep this morning, and we have an appointment for Tuesday for me to bring down my packet, they're going to go over it and make sure all the t's are crossed and I's are dotted and put a cover letter on it and away it will go to the home office.  Then we wait.  I hope it doesn't take too too long.  I'd really like to be out of here by the end of April.  But we will see, we will see.

Changes changes.  I told boss #2 this morning, its going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done, to walk away.  After all these years.  He agreed, then he grinned and said "Yeah, but after about 2 weeks, you'll be all ""I don't have to work today!"" , yep, probably so.  Probably so.  :)

I'm just afraid of being poor.  We're already just working class, never had much to speak of.  Long story for another day, but I know what it is to be hungry, and not know when you'll eat again.  I know what that feels like.  Its one of the reasons I've worked for so many years.  I figured as long as I had a job, I had a chance.  But its all in God's hands.  He wouldn't bring me to it, without the tools to get through it.  Its going to be ok.  I believe that.

Ok, I'm off to finish packing my office.  I'm down to just two drawers.  Its so empty in here!  And boy at the junk I've accumulated over 30 years!  I've thrown out a ton of stuff.  So have a good weekend.

ta ta

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Eyes Have It

I was wrong.  It’s not a prednisone side effect.  I have RA-eyes.  My eye pressure is border line high, so we're going to watch that.  My vision has decreased enormously (he said) since my last visit.  I guess my new lenses will be thick as pop bottles.  He also said that I need to be watching for cataracts, which is a side effect of long term pred use.  yeah, I read that somewhere.

 My eyes are dilated to the max, I can barely see to even type.  My head hurts now too.  So I guess we'll keep this one short.

The short of it is, no scrip drops yet.  He said use OTC "tear" drops.  He said even though my eyes are watering constantly, that's because they are really dry, and they are overcompensating to keep them wet.  Huh.  Go figger. 

So anyway, till next time.....

Friday, February 10, 2017

Scrip Day - I Made It

Dr. G's office just called and my scrip for pain meds is ready for pick up.  I made it!  The pharmacy shorted me 14 pills, and I had to adjust, with the last few days only just one, when I normally get 3 a day, has been rough, but I made it.  I've probably taken enough Tylenol in the last two weeks to put my liver in death throws, but it couldn't be helped.  "Arthritis Strength" Tylenol that says 8-Hour relief, only gives me about 6 hours, and its not really what I'd call "relief".  It takes the edge off, but I still feel like a slug on Ambien.  When I pick up my scrip from the pharmacy, I'll be counting them before I leave.  This can't happen again.  Its too painful, and its too much stress on my body.

I have an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday.  I'm fairly convinced that what is happening to my eyes is not the RA, but is (another) side effect of the prednisone.  They water constantly, when I first get up in the morning, they are beet red, and crusty.  My vision is very blurry.  VERY blurry.  With or without my glasses, I can't really see anymore.  So yeah, add that to the list.

Its Friday, finally.  I need the break, ready for the weekend.  Projects to work on.  Things to do.

Oh yeah!  I just found out that I'm getting a bonus next week on my pay check.  My last one.  And the bosses made it a GOOD ONE.  More than I've ever got before.  yearly bonuses are usually around $600 to $700.  I don't even want to say what this one is.  :)  But what I will say, is that the Mr. and I sat down last night and made a list of things we're going to do with it.  New shoes for both of us, and they're not cheap.  My feet will only walk in Skeechers ($100 a pair).  Anything else and they swell and I can't walk.  The Mr. likes boots, steel toe, so he can work in the yard and stuff, that's $200.  Plus we're getting ready for me to stop working in that we are dumping Hughesnet (waaaay over priced for what you get) and going with local network.  For $10 less a month than Hughesnet, we get about 10 x's the amount of usage.  We're also dumping Directv and going with Rocu and Netflix.  Dumping these two will save us about $70 a month.  So its buying equipment, setup and activation of the new services, and such as that.   We just bought a new tv for the bedroom, but I'd like to get a new tv for my room.  I stopped sleeping in our bed 6 months ago.  I can't breath lying flat, and I aspirate.  I've been in the recliner since the summer.  Been thinking about buying a new recliner and setting my yarn room up as a "bedroom" too for me, so I'm not "living" in the living room, if you know what I mean.

We are also expecting our Federal refund next week, and I am taking B-girl shopping at Justice.  OHMYGOSH ya'll.  I'm an old woman, and even *I* love going shopping at the Justice store.  It is everything you can possibly imagine for girls.  And I do mean anything you can imagine, if it glitters, Justice has it.  :)  She loves it, and so do I.  Then we usually go across the street to the (what I call) the "Justice for Big Girls" aka Ulta.  Then we eat Chinese at Ichybon.  Its the best Chinese buffet I've ever had.  Love that bacon wrapped grilled shrimp.  Ok, anyway.  Then we usually stop at Micheals.  And this time I want to pick up a roll or two of that new Caron Cakes yarn that all the crafters are gaga over.  Fun!!!  And I am even seriously considering hopping over the the LYS (Local Yarn Store) and picking up some "good stuff".  Its on my bucket list to make something with the "good stuff".  I'd love some Madeline Tosh ($30 to $40 a hank!  Yikes!!).  Just once, a yarn splurge. 

Well, ya'll have a great weekend.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Coming Down To The Wire on Pain Meds

Remember my post wherein I spoke about the pharmacy shorting me?  Well, its almost over.  My refill date is the 13th, Monday.  But, since January has 31 days and that would put me over the weekend and the clinic is closed on weekends, I *should* be able to get my refill by Friday.  After today, I'll be taking just one a day till I get that.  Its rough.  Not getting my normal dosage is not easy.  Coming down to 2 a day is bad enough, but 1 a day will be a toughie.  I like to take my third about an hour before bed.  That way I don't have to take Tylenol in the middle of the night.  Well, sometimes I do, because its just a "pain night".  And I have my Tylenol PM for that.  Its just such a mega-huge difference in how I feel, and how I function when I have my 3 a day.  And it's not going to be long, and I will be requesting a 4th one.  Once I lost the Aleeve due to being on blood thinner, well, acetametaphin (Tylenol) is just not as good as Naproxin Sodium (Aleeve).  NSAID's have an anti-inflammatory med in it, and it is wonderful.  Losing that really hurt.  I'll be feeling it come flare time.  The ketorolac (generic: Toridol) which is prescription strength naproxen, worked like a miracle drug back during the fall-flare.  And I can't have that any more.  See why I'm so scared.

Its already started too.  Pollen.  All these warm weeks we've had, people are stuffed up and sneezing.  I started sneezing on Friday, and my left lung is a teensy bit tender.  Here we go......It cracked two ribs last time.  What's it going to do to me this time?  Damn weather!!!  Why oh why could we not have a freakin NORMAL winter??  70's in January....for weeks!  So not normal for us.  I mean, its not the North East which stays frozen for 5 months, but we do usually have a normal winter.  Wherein its cold for at least two months.  This does not bode well for the lungs.  Well, all I can do is hang on and hope for the best.  Do the best I can, rest at home as much as I can, and pray.  It also probably means we're in for one helluva long hot summer.  I hope I've processed out by summer.  I don't want to be here past the Summer.

I'm frustrated today.  Must be the prednisone.

I've been slowly packing my office up.  Trying to get myself to the point that all I have here is my purse everyday.  So when I get "The Call", I can just pick up my purse and go home.  When ever that is.  My paper work is sitting on the last desk that has to bless it before it goes up to the home office.  I'm almost there.  Just a few more days to labor.

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