Friday, February 17, 2017

Binge Watch

I binge watched Keeping Up Appearances last night.  I love British comedy.  But the point is that I binge watched.  Netflix.  Oh you are my new bff!  The Mr. has been kind of hooked on this tv show called "Portlandia", and he was watching in his room and I was in the living room, and he yelled out at me, "remember when we got our first computer with internet?  how we were up for days playing on it?  Well, this could be all night.  I have no idea when I'll sleep again."   LOL!!!

After the second and last chicklet left the coop almost 4 years ago now, I got to adopt the tv in the living room, so now the Mr. and I have our own tv's.  It just works well that way because we have a vast difference in our tastes in tv shows.  He likes to watch things I'd never stop and watch, and vice-versa.  I'm Masterpiece Theater, he's Cops and The Fast And Furious type.

Its Friday!  Except for the afternoons when I have been exceptionally tired from all the running around I've done this week, I have had a pretty good week.  I've felt pretty good.  I hope its not the calm-before-the-flare, but lets not borrow trouble.  Sufficient unto the day and all that.  I'm thinking about going ahead and getting an appointment in place down the road about 3 weeks.  I figure by that time, the spring pollen flare will be picking  up speed.  I'm so hoping this will be an easy one.  I'm praying.

I'm thinking about heading out tomorrow to an LYS.  Like I need yarn.  But I'd just spend the money on something else anyway. so......

Ya'll have a great weekend.

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