Thursday, February 16, 2017


Lots of action happening at the SoRA house this week.  Finally (!!) got Hughesnet dumped, got the new net work up and running.  ohmygosh ya'll.  It is SO MUCH BETTER than what we had.  Faster, better, and we can actually watch more than 4 video's before we run out of our daily allotment (yes, Hughesnet doles out your usage to you like your 12.  One of the big reasons we dumped them.  Lots of money for very little service).

As we speak, the Mr. is setting up our Rocu and Netflix.  Yes, we're late to the game ok.  We were teens and young adults in the 80's.  A Walkman was high tech for us.  But better late than never.  I'm putting you on notice Directv.  You are OUT of here.  I told you last year if you went up on my bill again, and I get nothing for the extra cost, again, that our relationship would be over.  Out of the 170 channels we get, 50 are home shopping, 30 radio stations, and so so very much garbage tv (man MTV hit the skids since it was really about music video's when we were teens.  WTF happened to MTV?  What sewage coming out of there now.).  The Mr. and I counted, out of all the channels we get, between the two of us, not counting local channels for news, we actually can watch about 12 channels.  For $84 a month.  Can you say "rip off".  And believe me, Directv doesn't pay for Anything.  They will nickel and dime you to the poor house.  Not only do you pay an exhorbitant monthly service, you have to rent the equipment, and if something  happens to THEIR equipment, they will charge YOU to come out and fix THEIR equipment...that you are renting, that they own.  What a deal for them!  Bu-bye now!

I got my bonus :)  And we've been making all these changes, cutting our monthly expenses to minimum in preparation for my leaving work for good.

Speaking of....personnel finally got us an applicant packet with resume's.  So I think next week, we will probably begin to interview.  Won't be long now.  I spoke with my HR rep this morning, and we have an appointment for Tuesday for me to bring down my packet, they're going to go over it and make sure all the t's are crossed and I's are dotted and put a cover letter on it and away it will go to the home office.  Then we wait.  I hope it doesn't take too too long.  I'd really like to be out of here by the end of April.  But we will see, we will see.

Changes changes.  I told boss #2 this morning, its going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done, to walk away.  After all these years.  He agreed, then he grinned and said "Yeah, but after about 2 weeks, you'll be all ""I don't have to work today!"" , yep, probably so.  Probably so.  :)

I'm just afraid of being poor.  We're already just working class, never had much to speak of.  Long story for another day, but I know what it is to be hungry, and not know when you'll eat again.  I know what that feels like.  Its one of the reasons I've worked for so many years.  I figured as long as I had a job, I had a chance.  But its all in God's hands.  He wouldn't bring me to it, without the tools to get through it.  Its going to be ok.  I believe that.

Ok, I'm off to finish packing my office.  I'm down to just two drawers.  Its so empty in here!  And boy at the junk I've accumulated over 30 years!  I've thrown out a ton of stuff.  So have a good weekend.

ta ta

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