Friday, February 24, 2017

Checking In Checking up

I think I've gained weight.  Remember I had to up the prednisone over a month ago.  I don't think its much, maybe just a few pounds, but its all in the belly, as usual.  **sigh**  Well anyway -

Remember the post wherein I declared all the paperwork was done and ready to submit?  Well....I submitted Tuesday.  I haven't told the bosses yet.  They've been away this week, and I'd really like to tell them at the same time, but.  There are other mitigating circumstances too that say I probably *should* tell boss 2 because he's back today, and there have arisen circumstances in the list of applicants that I can't go into.  But this bit of information of my submitting is something they need to know.  I had, or rather *almost* had, a prednisone moment on some @sshole up here who really really needed it.  He disrespected my boss, he disrespected me.  And any way, it was a good thing my go-home time came before he came out of the bosses office because I was loaded for bear and ready to let him have it.  But I went home instead.  And glad I did.  While I sat there, though, waiting for them to come out, I got so worked up, so mad, my chest started to hurt, my heart rate went up, and for sure my blood pressure was probably though the roof.  I went home and vented to the Mr. and got to thinking.....I can't allow myself to get this emotionally involved.  Before prednisone, that would not have happened.  I'd have made a "joke" out of it with him in a nice way, while getting my point across.  That's when I was time.  No more waiting.  Time to just do it.  So I did.

We are enjoying Rocu.  Its really very cool watching youtube on my big screen instead of my phone, or Kindle.  I love Netflix.  Next thing on the list of "things to sort out before I retire" is a new phone plan.  I've had a work phone since 2002.  The boss who was in here at that time, like to be able to get to all times.  He was the type that would shoot out emails at 4:00am Sunday morning.  So I've had a black berry for years.  That will go away. So I've been sort of looking at different plans and rates.  I text more than I talk, so I'd like unlimited on that.  I really don't want to be bothered with AT&T, no one there speaks English.  And as I recall, last time I had them, the bill was never what they said.  Pre-paid-pay-as-you-go it just so much more expensive.  I dunno.  But still, something I need to get on pretty soon.

Feeling ok.  Pain in the chest, eh.  Some days, not so bad, some days it hurts all day long.  I don't know how much longer the Norco 7.5 is going to work.  I'm already up to 4 Tylenol in a 24 hour time frame, to back up the Norco.  My 9-month-pregnant-looking-belly has taken on a life of its own.  Its an appendage.  Lately, my feet ankles and legs are really swollen by the time I get home.  don't know what that's all about.  At the moment, the worst thing I'm dealing with is the leg cramps at night, a side effect of the prednisone.  My calves are always sore from the nightly battle.  Every night.  No break.  But hey, if that's the worst thing I have to deal with, then its all right.  Its all good.

Since I can no longer sleep in a real bed, and I was desperate to move out of the living room recliner (did I mention this already?), I took part of my bonus and bought myself a new recliner, cleaned out and cleaned up my yarn room, fixed it up real girlie, bought some new curtains, and now I have my own bedroom.  :)  I haven't had my own bedroom in 30 years.  Its kind of cool.  In a way.  Its memory foam, very cushy and comfy.  In a lovely chocolate brown cord.  Its not nearly as big as the one in the living room, but its a lot more comfy and closer to the bathroom.  win win.  I also got new shoes :0)  I miss sleeping in a real bed.  But it could be worse.  Its ok.  But I still miss it.

I think b-girl is coming over this weekend.  I dunno.  She's stood me up several weeks now.  Actually, she's stayed with us once since Christmas.  And she used to come every weekend.  I guess Meme's house is getting boring.  But anyway.  Its the weekend, thank God.  I need a rest.  Going early tomorrow for an oil change.  C-Ya later

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