Monday, February 6, 2017

Coming Down To The Wire on Pain Meds

Remember my post wherein I spoke about the pharmacy shorting me?  Well, its almost over.  My refill date is the 13th, Monday.  But, since January has 31 days and that would put me over the weekend and the clinic is closed on weekends, I *should* be able to get my refill by Friday.  After today, I'll be taking just one a day till I get that.  Its rough.  Not getting my normal dosage is not easy.  Coming down to 2 a day is bad enough, but 1 a day will be a toughie.  I like to take my third about an hour before bed.  That way I don't have to take Tylenol in the middle of the night.  Well, sometimes I do, because its just a "pain night".  And I have my Tylenol PM for that.  Its just such a mega-huge difference in how I feel, and how I function when I have my 3 a day.  And it's not going to be long, and I will be requesting a 4th one.  Once I lost the Aleeve due to being on blood thinner, well, acetametaphin (Tylenol) is just not as good as Naproxin Sodium (Aleeve).  NSAID's have an anti-inflammatory med in it, and it is wonderful.  Losing that really hurt.  I'll be feeling it come flare time.  The ketorolac (generic: Toridol) which is prescription strength naproxen, worked like a miracle drug back during the fall-flare.  And I can't have that any more.  See why I'm so scared.

Its already started too.  Pollen.  All these warm weeks we've had, people are stuffed up and sneezing.  I started sneezing on Friday, and my left lung is a teensy bit tender.  Here we go......It cracked two ribs last time.  What's it going to do to me this time?  Damn weather!!!  Why oh why could we not have a freakin NORMAL winter??  70's in January....for weeks!  So not normal for us.  I mean, its not the North East which stays frozen for 5 months, but we do usually have a normal winter.  Wherein its cold for at least two months.  This does not bode well for the lungs.  Well, all I can do is hang on and hope for the best.  Do the best I can, rest at home as much as I can, and pray.  It also probably means we're in for one helluva long hot summer.  I hope I've processed out by summer.  I don't want to be here past the Summer.

I'm frustrated today.  Must be the prednisone.

I've been slowly packing my office up.  Trying to get myself to the point that all I have here is my purse everyday.  So when I get "The Call", I can just pick up my purse and go home.  When ever that is.  My paper work is sitting on the last desk that has to bless it before it goes up to the home office.  I'm almost there.  Just a few more days to labor.

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