Monday, February 13, 2017

The Eyes Have It

I was wrong.  It’s not a prednisone side effect.  I have RA-eyes.  My eye pressure is border line high, so we're going to watch that.  My vision has decreased enormously (he said) since my last visit.  I guess my new lenses will be thick as pop bottles.  He also said that I need to be watching for cataracts, which is a side effect of long term pred use.  yeah, I read that somewhere.

 My eyes are dilated to the max, I can barely see to even type.  My head hurts now too.  So I guess we'll keep this one short.

The short of it is, no scrip drops yet.  He said use OTC "tear" drops.  He said even though my eyes are watering constantly, that's because they are really dry, and they are overcompensating to keep them wet.  Huh.  Go figger. 

So anyway, till next time.....

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