Friday, March 24, 2017

All Things Considered....

Considering the pollen is thick on EVERYthing, and my lungs are not swelling, that my friends is a miracle.  Just a plain out miracle.  They are tender.  No doubt about it.  But by now, I should be at home in my chair unable to move.  I've had to come in a little late a couple days, and yes there have been some yukky days, see post below, but for the most part, all things considered, I'm ok.  That could change on a dime, but we don't think about that.  Nope.  We think on the good things.

Got a call from the home office yesterday, my paper work has made it there finally.  The lady who is my assigned "counselor" for this retirement called, I had forgotten to include one document, and on one that I did include, I had signed in the wrong place.  Why that didn't get caught by our local HR, I dunno.  But anyway, I faxed, she was happy, and we ended off by her saying "hopefully the next call you get will be to do your exit interview and final signatures"  yep.  We hope.

I'm still concerned about what I'll be bringing home as apposed to what I'm making now.  I'm going to loose more than a quarter of my monthly take home.  I'd have more, but I had to take out that huge withdrawal several years ago to pay my son out of a lease I co-signed to the tune of $10,000, plus penalties and interests and taxes.  I lost a lot.  He's our oldest that doesn't talk to us.  But any way, I still have some left in my 401k that will supplement us.  It will still be tight, but I think it will be ok.  Maybe I can get a part time job at the new LYS.  Dream Job!!

Once again, a tune just popped into my head this week, then I couldn't get it out.  So now I'm sharing.  You kids of the 70's will remember this one.  Ya'll have a good weekend.

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