Monday, March 27, 2017

Forrest Gump Disease - And A Yarn Haul

Rheumatoid Disease is like a box of just never know what you're going to get.

My friend Sam had been helping me last week get some stuff packed up.  She txt me Saturday afternoon and said "beware, i just left the walk-in clinic, I have the flu".  So I was pretty sure that's what was going on yesterday when I woke up feeling like the worst flare ever was coming on.  But no, I got it figured out.  I was supposed to get up and take my prednisone at 4am, when you take it every 10 hours, its a different time every time, and usually I'm pretty good about it, but I slept through till 8:30.  When I woke up, every thing hurt, and I was running a temp, so I took my meds and thought ok, by the time I have to go get B-Girl, it will be ok.  Well it wasn't.  That's when I started thinking uh oh I have the flu.  But it wasn't.  My left lung felt like it was being st@bbed, and my temp still had not come down by the time.  By 12:00 it was clear this was going to take awhile.  It was 2:30 before my fever finally started to come down and it was bed time before my lung finally calmed down, and it took an extra prednisone to do it.  Being 4 hours late threw me into a mini flare that I thought was flu.   My lung is better, but tender today.  I just can't believe how long it took to get on top of it, just being 4 hours late on my med.  And of course solidifies what I already know, there's no getting off prednisone.  Ever.

Friday after work, I *finally* got to go to the new LYS with two of my crafting buddies.!!  You want to see what I got??  And since this is not a craft blog, I'll keep it short.

Berroco Comfort Cotton in a lovely teal

One I've never heard of, by Plymouth Yarns 
Its a delicious shade of blue gradients

And delicious cotton From Universal Yarn called
DK Seaspray


I only spent $68!  Not bad for high-end yarn.

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