Friday, March 10, 2017

Woot Woot for the good days

Yesterday was a good day :)  I felt really good.  Even with the high pollen counts.  And speaking of....the pollen is blowing like a twister.  My car, which normally is beige/tan, was yellow/green this morning.  I have a tickle in my throat this morning that is relentless.  But my lungs are not swelling!  And I can't believe how good I felt yesterday.  I love love love those days when I feel energetic, and "lifey", like I'm actually participating in life for just that day.  I even sang in the car.  That doesn't happen often, not without pain.  And it did hurt a bit, but I didn't care.  I sang and sang.

Then I went home and crashed.  It was wonderful while it lasted.

Had a good appointment with Dr. g.  I decided to take the high road on the lymph node, and pretend like I've not seen that report.  But I told him about the soreness and off-n-on tenderness and pain and how it radiates even down my arm at times.   And how I'd read that prednisone can make lymph nodes swell, it was a perfect opening.  He didn't take the bait.  Not even a little.  No guilty look or anything.  And I started wondering.......did he even READ that report?  anyway, he checked my arm pit and all around my arm and shoulder.  He said that there was a tiny area where it is a bit discolored, and going by my symptoms, and the way the pain radiates, he thinks it could be nerves in my neck.  you know I have this crumbling neck, and disk out of shape, and leaning and all such as that.  My neck is one of the things that NEVER stops hurting.  some days its not bad at all, and I think some days I just don't notice it because I'm so used to it.  But anyway.  Its all good I suppose.

Its Friday.  We got that going for us, eh?  I'm going to share a funny video I found at 3am this morning when I couldn't sleep.  I had to really work at it not to laugh so loud I'd wake up the Mr.


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