Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Don't Take Meds In The Dark

Lesson learned.  I take 9 pills every morning soon as I wake up around 6ish (10 if its also time for prednisone).  I say it that way, because most nights, I'm up every hour going to the bathroom.  So which ever time that is, that is closest to 6, I'll take my meds.  It is my habit every night, to gather all my meds and put them in a little plastic cup.  You know the ones that come with a bottle of OTC medicine like Nyquil, or liquid Benedry, little measuring cup.  I have one of those, and every night before bed (while I'm still lucid), I get them all together, so at the appropriate time, all I have to do is down the contents of the cup, and slam them with water, which I keep on my bed table for nightly sipping.  Sipping mind you, not gulping....I'm trying to stay asleep all night.

last night, I turned off my light and turned on Netflix on my Kindle, and just as I was about to doze off, I remembered that I had not got my meds sorted.  *damnit*  And of course by this time, I was too sleepy (Tylenol PM for bed every night, means I maybe might sleep more than an hour before getting up to pee the first time. ) and too lazy to turn the light back on and do that.  I reasoned within myself (bad choice #1), "eh, I know the bottles by touch anyway, I'll just take the little bottles, one Norco (that's a big bottle) and the rest I'll take when I get up for my shower.  The "little bottles" are 1) blood pressure, 2) anti-anxiety and 3) prednisone.  Now...I had taken my prednisone at 10:00 just before I turned off the light.  But I was reasoning again (bad choice #2), "but I put that bottle aside away from the other two (that are the same size bottles), it will be ok.  I'll figure it out (at 6 in the morning...).   So what did I do?  I took anti-anxiety and.....another prednisone.  And didn't figure that out until I came back from my shower and turned the lights on.  So now, I'm chatty Kathy, my eyes are already swelling, but hey!  At least I won't need another one until after I get  home from work.

 lol....I'm strung out on prednisone.

Obvious moral to the story......don't be a lazy jane, do the meds before bed.  Lesson learned.  :)

PS...forget what I said about 'remission in the joints'.  Fuggetaboutit.  Everything hurts this morning.  Even WiTH the extra pred.

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