Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lungs Like Velcro

Woke up with a bit of fever this morning, not feeling well.  Not breathing well, the pollen must be astronomical today.  And it rained last night, people always say the pollen is better after a rain.  But I find that not to be the case.  That is if my pollen-sensitive lungs and constitution are anything to go by....and they are....for me.  I always have felt worse after a rain.  Its like it stirs it up or something.

Anyway - the Pop-Rocks sound that comes up out of my chest and up my throat when I breath in, is loud this morning.

Remember those?  They're still out there, you can get them on amazon.  Not that I would ever buy food items from Amazon, but I've seen them in Cracker Barrel too I think.  But anyway, the "crackle" sound comes up from my chest sometimes, well, most all the time.  Just that sometimes is louder than others.  Its a "Velcro" pulled apart sound.  Sometimes at night when its quiet, the sound is so loud, its hard to sleep.  I've read that prednisone will "bubble" up like that, so it could be that.  My pulmonologist said the same thing.  Either way, annoying.

Not feeling it today.  We'll try again another day.  It does, though, feel like the fever is coming down.  I took an arthritis Tylenol on top of the Norco, its helping.  But anyway.  Be sweet till I get back.


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