Friday, April 28, 2017

Melt Down

Did I mention my car was fixed?  Turns out, that $400 alternator I had put on back in August, melted down.  "It's not just burnt's SLAP burnt up.  It even melted some wires, lucky it didn't catch fire."  Those are my brothers words, not mine :).   So no part to buy, since it was still under warranty, and free labor!  Win win!  Little Red and I have been back on the road this week.  What?  you don't name your cars?  My mothers pet name that all her friends called her was "lil red".  In her youth, she was a little bitty thing, with flaming auburn hair.  She was a beauty in her day.  So I named the car after her.

Circa 1964

Her birthday is coming up on the 4th of May, she would have been 75.  Love you mom, I'll see you soon.  Hold my seat for me.

Yesterday and last night,  wait let me go back farther.  Tuesday after work, I did the grocery shopping.  Will I ever learn?  Apparently not.  By the time I got home from Walmart, all the meds had worn off, my chest felt like it was literally on fire and I could barely breath.  So got it.  I paid for it.  I felt like something the cat dragged in, all day long.

Pam invited me to McAlisters, her treat, for lunch.  I always get the pastrami on rye and its always so good there.  The juice runs down my arm, so tasty.  Not yesterday.  I told Pam if the place wasn't so packed, and I didn't dislike confrontation so much, I'd take it back and get her a refund.  The meat was dry, flaky, brittle, tasteless and smelled funny.  It was the worst pastrami I've ever had.  And I've never gotten bad pastrami from there.  So therefore, lunch didn't sit well on the tummy, naturally.  Which just added to the already dead-warmed-up feeling.  I hung in there.  At about 7:30 last night, I just melted down.  I felt so bad, so sick, in pain, breathing like through a straw, and I just burst into tears.  I just looked at the Mr. and said, I'm getting worse and I can't stop it.  He asked when I last took something for pain, because he knows when I melt down, it generally means I'm hurting and probably have been "keeping on the good face" all day and I'm exhausted.  It had been 5 hours so I took something for pain, which I didn't want to do.  You only get so many to have a day, taking an extra means you have to subtract one somewhere.  And you can't take too many extra's or you will short yourself.  So I took one, and a Tylenol PM.  Peeps.....I slept ALL NIGHT.  I didn't turn out the light until 11:00 because I started a new project.  but I don't remember a thing after the light went out, until my bladder woke me at 5:30!  I feel so much better this morning.  I get my Humira injection today too, so that will help also.

Well friends, have a great weekend.  Hopefully it won't be long now, I'll be doing this from home.
Be Sweet.
Me and Mom - 1984
I was 17 - *SMH*  Where does the time go

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