Friday, April 7, 2017

Muscle Spasms - Foot Cramps - And Charlie Horses

One of the worst side effects of prednisone, is the muscle cramps.  I get them mostly in my feet, calves, the sides of my lower legs (weird, never ever had cramps that made my feet turn outward), and in my sides and stomach.  The ones in my upper sides (around the rib cage) is EXCUCIATING sometimes.  You that I've had time to reflect and think back on it, I have often wondered if it was a sudden muscle spasm that cracked my two ribs back in October, and not my swollen lung.  As I recall, the lung swell had been decreasing and was not as bad that day as it had been days before.  Is it possible it was my muscle clenching up and popping the ribs?  This one is for you, Dr. G and Dr. Eye, since you'll be reading this down the road.  Here's an article I found on it  CLICK.

I've been taking potassium supplements.  They *help*, but they do not alleviate.  They do help though.  If I miss taking it, omg......its going to be a bad night.  With them, I can manage to get some sleep.  I haven't slept through the night in so long, I don't even remember what its like.  And that's even with taking Tylenol PM before bed.  I miss sleeping all night, curled up under my blanket, in my own big bed.  Well, anyway.  No point in going there, it is what it is, and I have a comfortable place to sleep even if its not a real bed.  many people in the world don't have what I have, and I am thankful and grateful for all the Lord provides.  it could be worse.  It might get worse.  it has gotten worse.  And it can change on a dime, in a moment, literally over night.

My son and grand daughter have been on my mind all week.  Ever since Sunday.  I wish I could change it all.  But I didn't cause it, and every attempt on my part to set things right have been rejected.  When you are dealing with some one who doesn't have the ability to empathize, and barely has a conscious, well, that's a hard thing to break through.  And I've accepted I can't.

So its Friday, lets have a good weekend.  A quiet weekend.  An eventless weekend.

I found this lovely relaxing music, and I've been playing it a lot at the office in the back ground.  So soothing.  I love piano and cello.



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