Friday, April 14, 2017

Pollen and Prednisone Adjustment

Woke up a second day running low fever and took off work for the day.  So I made a small adjustment in the prednisone.  Instead of every 10 1/2 hours, I'm taking it about every 8 hours.  Voila'!   All better.  Once the pollen is gone, another couple weeks and it should be on its way out, then I can tapper back to 10 1/2  hours.  My face is swollen, and lips are pursed from the swollen cheeks.  But its ok.  Nuthin but a thang.....

My swollen feet are NOTHING compared to arthritic chic's , but since the PE back in November, I've noticed, when I get home from work, my legs are pretty swollen.  See no ankles

I should have taken one in the morning to show the difference in size.  In the morning, you can actually see my ankles.  But anyway, like I said, what I have is nothing compared to some.  And as I've said before, since the lung diagnosis, its almost like the RA is in remission in my joints.  I don't even have morning stiffness much anymore.  Seriously.  My neck?  Doesn't count.  Its so trashed, it always hurts, never stops hurting.  My neck is crumbling from the weight of my head.  What's that say about my head?  

Anyway - Friday!

Ok, going to share one more photo for Friday.  This is Nobska Light, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  I was stationed in Woods Hole when I was in the Coast Guard, many many moons ago, and I attended a Christmas party at the light house.  Good memories :)  I was so young (20).  *sigh* 

Ya'll have a good weekend!

Nobska Light
Woods Hole, Mass

Nobska from the water side.

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