Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Feeling Better

The fever finally broke last evening.  I slept very well, well enough that I actually felt like I'd slept.  Thank God for the good days!  I'm going to run errands today :)  yes, run errands, and *maybe* a quickie trip through the LYS (local yarn shop).  One of my friend-girls gifted me a hank of this in a lovely pink/tan color way.  You really can't do a lot with just one hank, and I want to turn it into a shawl, so I need another one.

The rash is even much better this morning.

Yes, I'm feeling good today. :)  I hope it last all day.  What a difference a day makes with this disease.

I wish I could still move like James Brown.  :)  I danced all night long, came home with the sun, many times. 

Everybody have a "feel-good" day, and dance like nobody is watching.

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