Friday, May 26, 2017

Having Eye Trouble.....

I just can't SEE myself staying here all day!  HA!!  Get it?  ok  anyway.....

Its Friday before a 3-day weekend, the parking lot is almost empty because most people take today also and make it a 4-day weekend.  But since I'm "sickly" and take off a lot already, I try to save my vacation hours.  I got that lump sum payout coming :)  And with the hours I have saved at the moment, before taxes, is almost $7,000.  So I work sick sometimes too.  But anyway, I think I may take a couple hours and skate out of here early.  Start the weekend off right.  yeah?

No fever!!  Feel pretty good, hoping it last all day.  Or at least until I get home.  Been thinking and reminiscing a lot about high school lately.  So, we'll do video Friday today with one of my favorites from the 80's.  I knew every word to every song on her first four albums.  And her best stuff was never played on the radio, you had to have the album or cassette to hear those.  But this one got air time.  I always thought it was quite amazing that such a huge voice could come from such a tiny person.  Ms. Pat Benatar......Rock and Roll!   high school in America in the early 80's.....good times.  Ya'll have a nice long weekend!!  Class of case you were wondering :)

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