Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I have to see Dr. G tomorrow to get my "wounds" looked at.  Its actually looking really good.  Considering I have no immune system at all, I'm surprised it didn't last longer, and get worse.

This is what....3 weeks out?  4 weeks?  It started the weekend of 30 April.  It looks like I may have some scaring.  The big one in the middle, its deep enough to leave a mark.  We'll see.

Feel pretty good today.  No fever, lungs feel ok.  Don't feel very energetic.  But that's because I've been binge watching tv on Netflix until midnight two nights in a row.  I'll never learn.  I love BBC tv.  There was a time BBC America was a pretty decent network, that showed ACTUAL tv shows from the BBC and eventually those turned into shows like CSI Miami, shows that have zip to do with BBC.  But anyway, I digress.  I love BBC mysteries and, IMHO, the Brits have schooled the rest of us on comedy tv from the times of Are You Being Served, and Keeping Up Appearances, and Black Adder.  I love Midsommer Murders, there are so many. 

So Monday night I found this show "Doctor Foster".  And I binge-watched the entire series!!  I couldn't stop, it was that good.  (Did I talk about this already?  I'm having a bell ringing in the back ground....huh...oh well, pardon if I have)  So yeah, if you get the chance, and you like a real good suspense (sorry no murder in this one....although I thought she showed great restraint, I'd have cut off his....oops, don't want to give too much away :)), then watch Doctor Foster.   2 Thumbs up!

Last night, I got to watching "Broadchurch" which was a spine tingler too.  I did skip a couple episodes of this one, just so I could get the light out before midnight, but I watched the last episode and WOW.  I didn't see that one coming, AT ALL.  And David Tennant is in the cast and I believe he was a Dr. Who?  I'm not a Who fan, but I saw him on Top Gear (another BBC Fav of mine, the old crew, not this new one bleh!  Bring back Jeremy Clarkson!  And I've always thought James May was a sexy beast...but that's just me), and I believe during the interview they spoke of his Dr. Who stint.  So yeah, that's a really good one too, and it does indeed have a murder, right off the bat.  I really did not see that end coming, I was blown away. 

But anyway - alls well that ends well.  Till next time!

Update - I had to come back and catch all the typo's.  I know better than to try and multi-task.

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