Monday, May 8, 2017

It Usually Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Remember this?

It turned into this:

And that's just the one place.  Its even on the top of my arm.  That being said, I Googled.....this could have been much worse.  Much much worse.  However, the pain *has* to be as bad.  This one spot feels like there's a hot curling iron tapped to it.  This is painful, people.  And I'm still running a tiny bit of fever off and on.  Nothing major, just enough to feel like crap, like this doesn't make me feel bad enough.  Even still, I'm lucky and blessed.  I've seen the pictures of others.

Anywhooo - I'm back here at Smart Guys & Smart Gals In Ties, doing my thing.  Or as best as I can do my thing.  Every time I have to go home sick for a few days, its getting harder and harder to come back here.  And I really need to get something better than my Kindle to blog from.  My bad eyes + stylus = a hot blogging mess.  We have a "normal" tower style Dell, but hubs uses that mostly, I rarely ever get on the thing, I'm on this one all day at work.  But I don't want to blog from there because nobody in my family knows about this blog.  I don't want them to until after I'm gone.  And you know how Google is.  Google wants everybody to know everything about you, and this thing will pop up somewhere in the history or trash or Google.  So I have never signed into Google or this blog, on the home computer.  Only on my Kindle.  Something to think about.  I've been eyeballing those nifty thin new tablets that have a real keyboard.  But I don't want to spend eleventy-jillion dollars for one.  That's one reason I opted for a new Kindle Fire tablet.  It does it all, and I LOVE it.  but it doesn't have a for-real keyboard.  I wonder........I wonder does Amazon have a Kindle that I could plug a small portable keyboard into.  I'll have to check on that.  but anyways - I'm back.  I have to keep the wounds covered so people don't freak, and I'm keeping to myself over here in my cage, staying away from people.  Just trying to catch up, and find the feel good.  And I can see by the traffic meter, I wasn't missed anyway.  So yeah, I'm special.  Special Ed.....  :)  LOL.

So go have a good day.  And be sweet!

PS...I'm hoping the next thing I get isn't so painful.

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