Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mystery Rash Day 2 - A Nodule - And a Dr. Appointment - UPDATED I added a couple of pics

Yeah, so when I got home yesterday from work, my arm just looked angry, that's the best word I can find.  And it looked discolored and even distorted looking, misshapen in the fore arm.  So I got out the measuring tape, and the  hubs took the measurements.  The left arm was nearly a full inch bigger.  This is crazy.  Now...this morning, its not nearly so swollen.  But the rash is just as angry as it was yesterday, and its spreading.  I took some new pictures, but my network is not letting them go through, so you will just have to use your imagination.

And even stranger, I have what looks like an RA nodule on my thumb and its hot and red, and there's a new nodule forming at the base of the thumb.  Strange because out of all of it, THIS hurts the worst.  My thumb joint is tender and so is the shoulder joint.  The entire arm just feels "sick"

My upper arm/bicep is so......sore.  And my skin is still hurty just to rub my hand up and down my arm, and my shoulder joint is tender and warm. 

Is this a flare or not?  It seems like it might be nerve driven, my neck has been hurting.  Then there are RA flare symptoms, the nodules, the heat and stiffness in the thumb and shoulder.

I went down stairs and saw the work-doctor (he's a real doctor, retired from the local hospital several years ago, and now he comes here a couple times a week) and he said that it looks like poison ivy/oak.  I've never been allergic to those, and there's none in our yard, and I don't go out in the yard much anyway.  but ok, I'll buy it.  He said the dog could have gotten it on her when she went out to pee, and brought it inside.  And just because I've never been allergic to those before, doesn't mean I'm not still, ok I'll buy that.  He also said, that it could be "triggering" the RA symptoms, the heat in the two joints, the nodules, the stiffness.  Huh.  Makes sense.  maybe my almost-non-existent immune system is trying to do something about the rash, and hey "since we're here and bothering, lets crank down on the shoulder and thumb joints, might as well!  Ya SHEENA!" and bam!  I'm in a mini-flare.

Could it be?  Its plausible.  Well, anyway.  I'll update with new pics soon as I can get them off my phone.  I have an appointment with Dr. G on Thursday to get his opinion on it, and maybe some cream.  Work doctor said "I don't think its shingles due to the way its patterning"  shingles?  huh.  that never crossed my mind.  Lets let Dr. G take a look.  He'll know what to do.

I don't think its another DVT.  And work-doctor thinks the swelling part is due to the blood draw at Dr. Eye's two weeks ago (2 weeks ago and I'm STILL bruised.  her new phlebotomist is horrible at it!) because you can see where hits humped up there right where she stuck me.

Dang, I wish those pictures would come through.  *sigh*  any way.  My left arm is a hot mess.  Hell my whole body is a hot mess, a train wreck.  te hehe.

To be continued.......

The pictures finally came through, although they are not that good:

Its spreading up my arm.  I also have a spot on my upper

Thumb Nodule - sorry so blurry my phone camera is crappy
See how red and angry??!!  THIS hurts worse than the rash

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