Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

This is, after all, a "sick" blog, so don't complain if all I talk about is my "sick".   My 3-day weekend was spent in my chair, with Netflix and Youtube, for the most part.  There's a bug going around the building.  And you know, bugs of any sort *always* make a pit stop by my office.  I sit in this chair all day long, trying to stay away from the sick people, and they always seem to come find me.  but anyway, here I sit.  Not for much longer, I tell you, not for much longer.  I'm considering getting some out-side forces to help me speed this early retirement/disability package moving along.  I refuse to sit here at this desk until I croak.  It is becoming clear that the ones who SHOULD be caring, are not.  So I'm taking the bull by the horns, and I'll force some changes and make things better for me while I wait this out.  I can barely breath this morning.  Honestly people.....how in the hell I'm still here, amazes even me.  But anyway....

There's this guy here in the building, I think I *may* have mentioned him before.  But, ohmygosh and shakemyhead.  Friends...I'm going to have to avoid him at.  all. cost.  Because he has no idea how close he came Friday to one of my now-infamous prednisone-moments.  This dude has RA!!  His sister died from complications of the biologic she was on, SHE had RA.  You would think, ahemm...cough cough....you would think he, more than anyone else here, would have a clue, and be more, what's the word I'm looking for......understanding?  No, that's not it.   Anyway, I saw him in the hall way on Friday, and he's done this to me before but I promise its the last time he'll get the chance to do it, anyway he asked how I was doing, and I was attempting to talk about my paperwork going through the motions, trying to get out of here, lungs getting worse blah blah blah.....he PISHAWED me!!  "oh please!  you're going to get better!"  "Really Mike?  wow, that was the same thing you told me this time last year and guess what?  I'm not better, I'm worse actually.  Actually, never mind I'm fine, thanks for asking"  and I grinned real big and stepped on the elevator.  Insensitive moron.  Just because his RA is very well managed and controlled (he doesn't even take MTX anymore, and has never been on a biologic), I guess he thinks like most people do.  You know, like with the tv adverts.  "well geez, that lady on the tv doesn't look so bad".   He, of all people, should be more sensitive.  That's the word....sensitive.  dumb ass.  Some people have no home-training, no people-skills.  I guess because he can move around like a boss, then all RA people should.  Ok, enough.....

*sigh* anyway.  Enough of the bitch-fest, and I don't feel good enough to continue writing, so maybe tomorrow.


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