Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thankful for the Good Days and a Product Review

I woke up this morning with the now usual nausea, but it doesn't last long, thank goodness.  Its almost like morning sickness.  Who knows....well I know for sure its isn't morning sickness...other than that...who knows?

I laid very still in my chair till it passed, then took my meds, and prayed they would stay down, and they did.  within about 45 minutes, and time to get up, I was ok.  By the time I got to work, I was feeling pretty good.

So strange this disease.  I'm ready to take a bullet one day, and feeling fine the next.  Well, my "fine".  And my fine is not really "fine" as one would know it, one being a "normal" healthy person.  But anyway, so yeah.  Feeling much better today.  My belly, welllll.....its ok.  I think its probably still just the prednisone.  I've been having tummy issues ever since I got the crude back the first week in December, the week I was home from the hospital with PE.  It got better, as in not going 7 times a day with horrendous pain, but better as in I'm now just down to occasional bouts of nausea, and a painful bowel episode maybe once a week.  Sorry if that's TMI, but this is how we learn, by other people's experience with this disease.  I try to keep it as "clean" as possible, believe me, there is so much I don't even talk about.  But this is also a record for my doctors after I'm gone.  For them to learn, and maybe help someone else down the road.  I think that is so important because this disease is so individual, and so different for every one who has it.  No two cases are exactly alike.  We may share a lot of symptoms and complaints, but we all progress differently.  And it can change in the individual, on a dime.  As I already found out.  Also, I drink a Danactive every day!!  Even if you don't have tummy and immune issues, people this is good stuff!  Good as in "Good For You"!!  Probiotics are wonderful little things.  I swear by it.  And I know that I know that I know, its the Danactive that keeps my tummy from being worse than it is.  Get you some!  I also credit it with keeping the pain-killer-induced-constipation far far away from me.  This stuff keeps the skids greased and moving with ease.  And each little bottle is about the same as 2-shots.  I get it down in three little gulps.  My favorite is the strawberry.  I can't recommend this stuff enough folks.  Seriously, if you have any tummy issues at all, try it for a couple of weeks and see if it helps.  Its not an over-night fix.  It will take at least a week, but after that, you are in smooth waters.  Sometimes I run out, but I never let myself go more than two days without one, then I get myself to the wallyworld and get some more.  Dannon is not paying me any money to say these things.  I say them because I use it, have used it for over a year, and it works for me.

Well I guess that's enough for today.  Ya'll be sweet, and take care of your constitution!


The Chronic Stitcher

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