Monday, May 15, 2017

Update on my Dad

It wasn't a heart attack, thank God.  But he did get a pacemaker installed this morning, and that went very well.  I went to see him Saturday, he was a bit pale, but other than that he was doing well.  Not even fussy like we expected.  Historically speaking, my father has only been in patient once in his life, now twice.  Born at home during the Depression, he is the type that doesn't go to the doctor, for anything.  But he is doing well, and my brother said the procedure went off without a hitch.  So I may have to swing up there after work and see the old chap again.

Nothing new to report health wise today.  Shingles are, surprisingly, almost gone.  All things considered it looks really good.  The area is still "touchy", meaning it still smarts if I run my hand across it.  But much better than two weeks ago.

The hubs bought two beautiful New York strip steaks and a whole pork tenderloin and we grilled out for Mothers Day.  :)   Our youngest came over after work yesterday morning (he works 7pm till 7 am) and brought me the prettiest card ever!  And DIL gave me a wonderful strawberry smelly candle.  love!  She knows I like smelly things (in a GOOD way, not bad smelly things, just to be clear :).

And no, I didn't hear from the oldest.  Didn't really expect to, but I was...well anyway.

That's all for today.  Till next time, maybe have more things to share.

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