Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yesterday Was Not A Good Day

And I think I know why.  I'm beginning to think I'll never learn.  How many times do I have to screw up before it finally sinks in.  See, my brain still thinks like my body hasn't changed.

Tuesday when I got off work, I went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping (and a new sun clip for my glasses because I ALREADY lost the one I got a month ago).  I paid for it, dearly.  When will I ever learn that I can NOT work all day, and then go do something else?  When the fever woke me yesterday morning at 4am, I knew it.  But I got up and went to work anyway.  I lasted till 10:30, and left crying.

You've heard me say, the RA doesn't really mess with specific joints anymore (the neck doesn't count, remember).  but I still get the all-over-body-pain-getting-the-flu feeling.  That is also the feeling that tells me its time for a prednisone.  The ache starts in the lower legs, no specific joint, and if I wait too long, like an hour or more, then its all  over the body, and I am crying.  Then those painful areas in my chest begin to hurt.  I have this round spot, about 6 inches in diameter, right in the middle of my chest that when its time for prednisone, it begins to feel like a rock of concrete.  Makes it difficult to breath, to move, to sit up straight.  And taking a deep breath feels like a punch in the chest.

So yeah...I did it again.  I went home at 10:30, got in my chair, and slept till almost 6.  Woke up feeling no better, took more meds, had a bit to eat that felt like I was eating gravel, and went back to my chair with Netflix.  By morning, I'm (as my dad would say :))  "fine as frog hair".  :)  well "fine" as I get.  I've actually felt pretty good today.  But no over doing it.  See I was already thinking "Hobby Lobby".  I don't need to do that, and I SURELY do not need more yarn.  So.  I'm going to stop at the fast food joint on the way home, pick up some burgers, and point my car in a southern direction.  Hubs and I will do our daily Bible study while we drink our fresh strawberry/mango/pineapple smoothie like we do every day, and I'm going to just take it easy and work on some project, for I have many languishing on the hooks and needles at the moment.  Just breath my lovelies!


(aka....The Chronic Stitcher, mover of the hook, clicker of the needles)

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