Friday, June 9, 2017

A Doctor Visit - Samples on Demand Updated

I saw Dr. G yesterday about the fever, and how over the last few days I've had more painful bowel issues and the nausea.  Well, first off he told me there's a tummy bug going around (I KNEW it!!), so that is probably what is going on there, and its probably the doubling up on the DanActive that has kept it from being any worse.

As for the fever - he sent me home last night with a cup and wanted me to cough up some lung goo.  Not so easy.  My cough is generally very dry.  If I take a Mucinex I might can get something up.  So I tried and tried last night and the two times I did manage it, the gag-reflex kicked in and that's the end of it.  **sigh**  I also, when I pulled in the clinic lot this morning, realized I'd not had any water yet and had already went to the bathroom.  No way was I going to be able to pee on demand.  So I just left.  I'll sit here and drink water and hold it, then go back later around my lunch break time and give that and give some blood.  As for the sputtle, I don't know that I can give that.  I tried, and I'm sore for it.

Dr. G said it was probably time for a new CT and heart echo.  So I will probably be doing that in the near future.  It's been over 6 months since the hospital stay and the PE, so I'm sure we need to see if the clots are absorbing.  But as I said, big deal.  The damage is done.  But still.

So nothing new yet.  Going to wait to see what the blood draw and the liquid sample shows upon testing.  I'm sure it will be next week before I hear on that.  Until then you guys have a great weekend.  take it easy.  Chill and be still :)  I'm planning to work on some projects myself.  Hopefully I will have a new finished shawl to share.


Later that same day......
I went back to the clinic.  I saved up and didn't go to the bathroom all morning, I was hopping on one leg by the time I got there.  :)   So they took a whole bunch of blood and I left them some other liquid too.  Still no lung goo.  I tried.  I really did.  He'll just have to go with what I gave.  Maybe I can get it up this weekend.  But should it go in the fridge?  hmmmm....maybe I'll just nix that part and see what he says.  Now we wait for results.

I almost hope its an infection.  We can treat that.  If its not an infection......well, lets not borrow trouble.  Ya'll have a good weekend.

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