Monday, June 26, 2017

Doesn't Make Sense To Wait So Here's My Good News!!

Since nobody in my family knows this thing exists, nobody knows I blog at all, it doesn't make sense to keep you in suspense.

My wonderful good news is........My DIL is pregnant!!!  I'm gonna be a Meme again :)  We are SO HAPPY!!!  DIL has had some female issues in the past, so they wanted to wait until she is firmly in 3 months before they let the cat out of the bag, and they swore us to secrecy.  But you guys wouldn't know me from Adam's house cat if you saw me on the street.  I keep my privacy held very close, its very important to me.  So why not share?

When they told us, I just started to bawl like a baby because I just knew they'd wait several years and I wouldn't live to see this one.  So yes, it is reason for much celebration!  My son had been saying he didn't want any, and they would wait no less than 5 years.  HA!  In actuality, they have been trying since they got married a year and a half ago!!  To the point, according to my DIL's mom, they were beginning to get worried because it was taking so long.  Little sneaky snakes!  :)

Another grand-baby.  ahhh....grand babies are so much more fun than kids.  You can spoil the crap out of them, then send them home!  mwahahahaha.   :)  They want a girl, I don't care.  Long as its healthy.  She is due in January.  January 19th.  Now I have something to really shoot for.

I've been praying lately that the Lord would let me have one more Christmas, now I just want to make it to February.  I think I can.  I really think I can.  Especially since I'll be home retired by then.  happy happy happy!

I gotta get my craft mojo back!  Many things to make.  Like the bad guy on Frosty The Smowman.  I'm gonna be busy busy busy!


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