Friday, June 16, 2017

Going To See The Ear Nose and Throat MD next week UPDATE - Got Lab Results Back

I finally did it.  Made an appointment to see the ENT next week.  I really thought he had retired and I was going to have to drive to the next town, but he's still here.  This guy treated my kids 25 years ago.  I'm getting everything else checked out, so might as well get the throat looked at.  My voice quality has changed dramatically, sometimes I just loose my voice, for a few seconds.  And the back of my throat always feels stiff and frozen (not cold frozen but just immobile).  The lungs and heart are involved, I already have a really bad tummy with acid issues, so you know......makes sense to get it checked.  Need to make an appointment with the pulmonologist too.  Its been since November since I saw him.  I know he's going to want a new lung-function test, and honestly, I really don't think I can.  Just the thought of it, makes my chest hurt.

I'm calling the clinic today to see if my labs came back from last week checking for an infection.  This thing has surprised me many times, so I could be wrong.  But If I had to bet, I'd bet on infection because I am really starting to not feel so well.  Its been days and days since I had a good day.  And the left lung in the back is still tender and hurty and has been for a while.

Its always something -  have a good weekend, just breath.

Update - Just got the call from Dr. G's office with lab results.  Kidney and liver function is normal, sugar is a teensy bit high, but not as high as I figured it would be.  There is no indication of any infection (Yay!!), but my sed rate is high.  Which means this mystery fever is inflammation.  RA inflammation.  Active disease.  So its good, but its not good.  An infection is something we can treat.  High disease activity, eh well, you know.  Prednisone, and pain killer.  Dr. G said if the fever continues over the next couple weeks, to make an appointment to come back for an ecco.  So, there we are.  Looks like fever is just going to be a part of my life now.
have a great weekend!

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