Monday, June 26, 2017

Nothing New To Proclaim And That's A Good Thing

Now that I've adjusted the prednisone again (I'm now taking it every 10 hours instead of 10 1/2, that seems to be the sweet spot, as long as I remember that is, that's a huge part of the problem....I forget), the fever is leaving me alone.  On Saturday, I was supposed to take it at 1:30pm.  At 3:30 I was sitting in my chair, and suddenly (and I do mean suddenly), I felt like I'd been run over and I thought, "ohmygosh! why do I feel so bad.........oh."  I looked at the clock and realized I was 2 hours late on the pred.  It took a full hour to kick in.  I'm researching little timer options. 
I don't wear a watch, never have, ever.  I know that's weird, most people do.  But I don't.  I've never been much of a "jewelry" type girl.  I always loved, and still do, a pretty pair of earrings, especially nice hoops.  I wore sterling silver hoops for decades.  I haven't even worn a wedding ring in probably 25 years or longer.  So getting one of those fancy things people wear these days on their wrist, not happening.  To me, wearing anything on my wrist makes me feel the same way some feel about wearing turtle-neck sweaters.  It bothers me, and I find myself pulling on it constantly.  So, I'm open for any suggestions.  Some have said, set my phone, and that is actually a viable option.  But I don't always have my phone with me.  I guess I'd have to make allowances for that.  But anyway, I'm researching and looking around for some type of "reminder" buzzer/ringer/knock on the head whatever it takes so I don't forget.
Moving the rest of my belongings out of the office today.  Making room for the new girl coming in.  Of course, we already hit a snag.  The guy in personnel didn't do his part of the paper work, so we're already late.  I was hoping they'd make the offer today (it has to be all "official" and sh*t), but it looks like that might not happen until later in the week.  No worries.  None of this has gone off without hitches so far.
Felling ok today.  DID NOT want to come in this morning.  Its getting harder and harder, to do this.  But soon enough....soon enough.
And!!! On a happy note, by next week, I should have some good news to share with the world.  Some really really good news.  Something that will change my life again, it directly effects me, but in a good way.  So there's a bone, now you'll have to wait! 
So lets go "do" Monday.  Lets have a good week!

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