Monday, June 12, 2017

The Tummy Bug Clings For Dear Life - And Another product review.

That tummy bug is still with me.  I'm still having "episodes".  In between those said "episodes", I'm ok.  But just before an "episode" (hehe....I have a thing for quotation marks :), the tummy begins to rumble and get noisy.  Then the pain begins, then I feel the gears shift, and its a dash to the rest room.  Sorry if TMI, I have to get it all down for posterity.  I try to make it as generic as possible.

Last night in the middle of the night, I had a coughing spell that was so bad, I had to change clothes.  I will leave that one to your imagination.  Just woke up feeling like I was choking.  One of the side effects (one of oh so many) of the prednisone, is a very VERY dry mouth at night (for me anyway).  I can wake up and the sides of my throat are literally stuck together.  That's why I sleep with my Yeti filled with ice water every night.  I don't know what triggered the cough spell, but when I coughed, my throat was stuck together and my top lip, I kid you not, was stuck up above my teeth to the gums, like my lips had dried out and began to recede.  What a lovely picture, I know.  Anyway, I grabbed a drink and got it down before the next round of cough.  The tickle down in my throat started, and away we go!  10 minutes later, I've completely wet myself (sorry), and I'm in the floor trying to crawl to the bathroom.  I sleep on the other end of the house from the mister, so I'm kinda on my own down there, unless I yell for him.  but I don't like waking him up unless its absolutely necessary, you know?

Yeti!!  I **heart** my yeti!  My oldest brother gave it to me for Christmas, and had it monogramed with my initials in big letters, and my pet-name (the one my dad branded me with at birth is "Lucy" which has nothing to do with my actual name, everybody just got a pet name, its my dad's way) on the other side.  :)  I love it.  If you don't have a Yeti, get one!  Mine will keep ice water cold all night long, and its still has ice in it when I get up.

Other than that, I'm fairly well.  Just waiting to get test results on lab work from last week.  I just did that Friday, so it will be a few days yet.  Oh, I also have pulled my right shoulder AGAIN (!!).  Not as bad as the last two times, I'm managing.  I think it may be from using my right arm to work the crank on my recliner/sleep chair.  Hurting down my neck (it always hurts but....) into my right should blade.  Same place as before, same injury as before, just not as bad.....yet.  As I recall, the last two times I injured this shoulder, it started out very suttle for the first two days or so, then WHAMMO!  Emergency Room at 3:00am.  Long story.

Anyhooo-  All systems are go (some systems are going too much...see above...but eh, it could be worse).  Ya'll have a great week!!


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