Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tummy Issues.....Still.

I missed work yesterday.  Tummy issues keep coming, never ending, only a break of a few days, then its back to IBS with D....and sometimes N too.  **sigh**

I'm not in a good place today.  But anyway.

Sent of a letter of inquiry Tuesday, to the home office personnel administration, asking for their help in getting my package pulled from the bottom.  We'll see.  I think the official offer was *supposed* to be made to my replacement, yesterday.  I wasn't here so I dunno if that happened, and I really don't want to ask the boss, because I've pestered him enough about it.  It will happen when its time I guess.

Going to sit here today and just nurse my queasy belly.  Nothing to see here.....

Lets enjoy something funny.  One of my all time favorite shows, without the original 3, it will never be the same, the BBC should just give it up.

The Best of Top Gear Best Bits and Funny Moments

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