Monday, July 31, 2017

A good visit with the GP - And the new grandbaby is.............

Had a good visit with Dr. G on Friday. We talked mostly about my esophagus and this huge belly I have, which btw, my Rheumy thinks is mostly fluid, I think Dr. G. agrees, and would explain why my feet and calves look like sausages by the time I get home from work....which btw (again), I hope won't be for much longer. We talked about my lungs and progression, about how the PE is gone, but I don't breath any better, once ground is lost, its lost. He confirmed that the chroni...c plurual effusion on my right lung is bigger, after the upper (and now lower too!!) GI he is scheduling me fore, once I get over that, he wants me back at the Pulmonologist for lung function (ugh!! I dread the thought) test and his opinion on whether surgery might be something to look at in removing the lung fluid that has now, obviously, turned to jelly because its so old. Here's my delima.
I have to ask myself a couple of questions. 1) If I have this surgery, do they go down the throat, or open me up? I'm thinking "throat". 2) Will this "lung hoovering (borrowing a Brit term here)" reverse the damage, 3) Will it add time to my life, and 4) Will it stop the Fibrosis progression.
1) Probably throat - I'll research
2) No
3) No
4) No

So! I'm thinking.......NO on surgery. I haven't gotten to that bridge yet, but it won't be long. By next month sometime, I'll be at the pulmonologist, and I'll have to make this decision. Why put my self through the expense, the danger, the recovery, when the only thing it is going to get me, is I might breath a little better, for a little while. It won't buy me time, nor reverse the damage already done? I have no immune system, I'm already compromised. What if something happens while I'm under? I just don't know if its worth it. Would love some opinions.

Am I crazy thinking, or does my line of thinking make sense? 

Over all, a very good visit with Dr. G.  I love Dr. G.  Oh!  And I told him about the Doctor at the walk-in and him freaking out and wanting me to have a CT.  Dr. G just grinned real big and said "when plural fluid ages, as old as yours two years now almost, it will show up on an xray as white, and to the untrained or new doctor, if they are not familiar with this, it does indeed look like a large thick mass, and it will concern if you don't know what you're looking at."  See.  Its all good.  Dr. G, he's got me.  I trust him implicitely.  *He* is the reason the Mr. and I don't relocate once my disability retirement goes through (looking at the phone.....waiting for the phone call.....).  With all the trouble chronic-pain patients are now having getting the meds, and I, *most fortunately* have a doctor who not only understands, but empathizes.  I have no trouble, knock on wood, so far, getting what I need.  Look what's happened in Arkansas.  If I am understanding correctly, the state of Arkansas has mandated that all patients on regular pain meds, their doctors are now required to lower their dosage, and take them completely away from some.  I have to agree with what I read in an article from Chronic Mom (click on my blog side-bar over there on the right to go to her site, the article is there).  How many people who suffer from chronic daily pain will off them selves (trying to let this get through the filter, so not using the "S" word, but you know what I mean) before the witch hunt on pain meds stops?  Oh and news flash - Not every body who takes pain meds are junkies, Mr. Surgeon General (the buffoon who is helping drive this bus).  I've heard a couple of RA'ers say they will end their lives if they can no longer have the pain meds.  I understand.  Norco (Hydrocodone) is the ONLY reason I've been able to continue to work these last two years since it got really bad with the lung issues.  Do they even stop to think about that fact?  The fact that if you take them away, people who suffer with pain but yet are still in the workforce, paying taxes, do they even think about  how many will be forced into disability, and living off the taxpayer?  When just allowing them to have the meds they need to work and function, would allow them to continue to be productive citizens of society.  Its an exasperating situation.  Its a situation that doesn't have to be.  we're going to lose a lot of good people slowly.  And if I was a nutso-conspiracy theorist, I'd say the Gov't and the "powers that be" don't give a damn anyway.  They've been yelling about the world being over populated as it is.  They sure don't *act* like they give a damn, and EVERYBODY who takes pain killers is a junkie.  but anyway.....

In other news -

The Mr. and I went to son #2 and DIL's "gender reveal party" yesterday.  No, this is not some LBGT blowout.  Remember, my DIL is gonna have a baby!  :) :)   So, when the reveal-sonogram was done, the doctor wrote it down and sealed it in an envelope and my DIL gave it to her best friend.   I never realized my kids had so many friends!!  I'll bet there was over 100 people there.  It was good food, and I got to hug my kid whom I haven't seen in a month (he works 16-17 hours at least 4 days of the week, then its 12 the other days.  He works so hard).  And my grandbaby that is due in January is going to be................

Its a BOY!!!
Aaron Asher

Way to go buddy!!  I wish you and the love of your life, all the happiness in the world.  And I hope and pray your lives together are as long as your dad and I (32 years together, married 30 this November).  We love you both very much.  One day, you'll read this when I'm gone.  Love this little one extra for me.  :)  Love, Mom

well that's all for now.  So ya'll be sweet and tata till next time!

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